What’s coming — and what does it take to be ready for the future?


June 1999Rude Hair
July 1999Divx Folds
August 1999Computer Revivals
October 1999The World Wide Web Changes the Political Process
February 2000XHTML: The Next Step for HTML
May 2000 Web Integration and Business Integrity
June 2000 Microsoft Faces the Blue Screen of Death
July 2000 What’s Happening to the Major Record Labels?
August 2000The Decline of Content
September 2000 Mainframe Computers Quietly Disappear
October 2000 Losing Control of the Media
November 2000 The Lie of Absolute Morality
January 2001Small Media
March 2001Mir
April 2001Bad Ideas in Advertising
May 2001Education Breaks Loose
February 2002Accounting’s Golden Age is Over
March 2002Saving Real Estate With Flat-Panel Displays
April 2002Miniaturization and the Loss of Privacy
May 2002The New Spiritual Economy
June 2002New Optical Disk Formats
July 2002“Stone Soup” Capitalism
August 2002No Music on Internet Radio
September 2002Simplifying Language for Global Communication
October 2002Light Gets Lighter
November 2002DVD Format Sparks Music Video Sales
December 2002The High Price of Metal
January 2003Say Cheese! Kodak, McDonald’s Not Smiling
February 2003What to Do When the Power Goes Out
April 2003Deflationary Forces
May 2003IPod On Stage
June 2003How Do Genetic Diseases Move?
July 2003Spam Destroys the E-Mail Standard
August 2003Lease Expiration
September 2003Wanted: Music Videos That Don’t Look Like Commercials
October 2003 Generation Gap in Software Development
November 2003It’s a Thin, Thin World
December 2003Concert DVDs Fill Gaps
2004The Commercial-Free Mind
January 2005Ring Out the Analog
February 2005Recruiters: the Next Travel Agents?
March 2005The DNA Photon Hypothesis
April 2005Plug In a New Computer
May 2005Sailing to the North Pole
June 2005A Future for Broadcasting?
July 2005Propping Up Software Prices
August 2005A Web Site With a TV Channel
September 2005Unprepared at All Levels
October 2005Cutting Back on Moving Parts
November 2005The Cable-Free Diary
December 2005The Copy-Protected Robot
January 2006Consolidating Utilities
February 2006The Perils of Commercial E-Mail
March 2006In Search of Open Standards
April 2006Release Day in the Record Stores
May 2006Running With Glucosamine
June 2006Moving to Cyberspace
July 2006Walking is More Than a Metaphor
August 2006Film Lives On
September 2006Real Estate and a Reluctant Economy
October 2006Uses for a Faster Computer
November 2006Remote Groceries
December 2006A Technology Transition in the Automobile Industry
January 2007The Clone-Free Diet
February 2007Staying Culturally Connected Without Flying
March 2007Space Jumping
April 2007Digital Music Players Change CD Mastering
May 200710 Updates
June 2007Energy Prices Slam Online Markets
July 2007In the Electric Car Era
August 2007Military Band Music
September 2007The Northwest Passage Is Open
October 2007Three New E-Commerce Experiences
November 2007The 911 Network
December 2007An LED Room Lighting Installation
January 2008Digital-Ready Documents
February 2008Rock Band and the Rock Drum Set
March 2008One Phone
April 2008Interactive Exercise Video
May 2008Quick Answers: The Next Big Internet Trend
June 2008Unicode Takes Over the Internet
July 2008The End of the CD Era
August 2008The High Cost of Radio
September 2008What’s Wrong With This HD Picture?
October 2008The Dark Side of Links
November 2008What Happens to the Two-Party System Now?
December 2008The USB Flash Drive Network
January 2009 Advertising vs. Viewer Control
February 2009 Saving the Audio Cassettes
March 2009 E-Mail Moves to Social Networks
April 2009 What’s in the Mail?
May 2009 Blurring the Line Between Still and Video Cameras
June 2009 Digital Cameras Beat Out Single-Use Film Cameras
July 2009 3 Signs of the Death of Social Networking
August 2009 Beyond the ISBN
September 2009 The Prepaid Cell Phone
October 2009 Focus
November 2009 Music As a Game
December 2009 Water Is Universal
January 2010 Personal Hydrogen
February 2010 DVD Sales Decline
March 2010 The Return of the Album
April 2010 Watching Your Movies for You
May 2010 Movie Research: It’s Coming From Video Games
June 2010 Blinking Lights, Two Different Kinds
July 2010 Products, and Physical Products
August 2010 E-Book Readers Ready for Novels Only
September 2010 The New Trend in Arctic Ice
October 2010 Swiss Tunnel Project Raises Hopes for High-Speed Rail
November 2010 Cord-Cutting Becomes a Trend
December 2010 Shrinking the E-Mail
January 2011 The Decline of Content in the Book Business
February 2011 Laser Printers Achieve Price Parity
March 2011 Faster Web Sites
April 2011 Firefox 4 Streamlined Like Mobile Version
May 2011 When You Feel Ready
June 2011 Cell Phone Video
July 2011 Lighter Products
August 2011 Cardboard Shoes
September 2011 Slim Business Cards
October 2011 HTML 5 Simplifies Online Video
November 2011 Pianos Get Personal
December 2011 Models Meet Avatars
January 2012 2012
February 2012 Laser Beats Ink
March 2012 Time to Scan
April 2012 Flash vs. Hard Disk
May 2012 Context-Free Music and Disposable Light Bulbs
June 2012 The Tradeoff Between Size and Repairability
July 2012 Rework
August 2012 Chrome Is Top Web Browser
September 2012 More Accurate Pitch Correction
October 2012 Losing Summer Rain With Climate Change
November 2012 Designing Water-Safe Buildings
December 2012 Synthesized Voices Join the Dialect Mix
January 2013 More Change, Less Discussion
February 2013 Better Incandescent Light Bulbs
March 2013 Authoring Without Tools
April 2013 With Higher Transaction Fees, Fewer Purchases?
May 2013 Polypropylene
June 2013 The Used Cell Phone
July 2013 Less Printing
August 2013 Hi-Fi Downloads