Chrome Is Top Web Browser

Chrome has quietly become the most popular web browser, when measured according to the number of page views on public web sites. Chrome has expanded mostly by winning over users of the dominant web browser of the last decade, Internet Explorer, which has fallen into second place. Internet Explorer may have fallen into second place according to usage, but it is still the most popular when measured by installations. This mainly reflects the widespread reliance on Internet Explorer in business desktop systems, where the web browser is used primarily for online help documents rather than public web sites.

Firefox may have temporarily slowed down its growth with its rapid development approach, in which several major new versions are released are every year. This has allowed the Firefox developers to add many new features quickly, but the lack of stability makes marketing difficult and is an inconvenience for some users, and its usage share has fallen below 20 percent for the first time in years.

Safari and Opera are the two other major web browsers at this point, and both are gaining market share. One encouraging note is the number of users who have multiple web browsers installed.

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